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I’m sorry I just don’t understand how this is closing in like, 10 days.

Its because that whore SJB is in it not sutton

I am American…

is there any place I can watch Big Brother UK tonight????????

I love Big Brother! 

You know, I’ll tell you what I think in general about people who want to make their Broadway debut that are not trained stage actors. Don’t they know, Broadway ain’t for sissies? It is a tough gig. You are responsible, physically, mentally, emotionally, for eight shows a week, at the top of your game. It’s not easy [..] But you know what I mean? And then it becomes disappointing to the audience member, and I am an audience member, that the film actor or the rock star or whatever coming to Broadway doesn’t fulfill his contract and has a limited run. You know what? If you’re going to put your heels down on Broadway, then dig in. Honor it. Nobody’s allowed to sign for three months — we gotta sign for a year! So don’t insult us by signing for twelve weeks. I’m always asked for a year. “But how come …? Never mind, I’ll sign for a year.” I know they can’t possibly be aware of how difficult it is. It’s a monastic life.